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Video Messenger 4.1

Video Messenger allows you to create and deliver video emails
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Sagaxis Inc.

Video Messenger is a new, exciting alternative to text-based email that allows you to record, compress and send video email messages to friends, family, business colleagues, prospects and customers.
Video Messenger emails can be wrapped in a convenient, self-contained player or sent as AVI files for playback on any standard media player. Your recipient can either launch the video directly from the email application or save the file for later viewing.
Using built-in wavelet compression technology, email created with Video Messenger ensures file sizes remain small for quick delivery and download.
Key Features:
- Integrated video player eliminates need for separate plug-in.
- Independent application, no central server required.
- Compatible with all email client software applications (Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, browser-based email clients, etc.)
- Edits, compresses and compiles AVI files at compression rates in excess of 100:1.
- Simple user interface with VCR-like controls.
- Integrated video editing tool.
- Captures both live video and AVI files.
- Compatible with all standard USB desktop digital video cameras and web cams and some FireWire cameras.
- Simple controls tomanage image quality and file size.
- High quality video with crisp images and smooth motion, even at small window size.
- Maximum compression efficiency to minimize video file size.
- Self-executable files enable easy viewing from email application.
- Delivery through standard email.
Video Messenger provides an exciting alternative for communicating with business associates, frinds, family and customers:
- Create eye-catching video product demontrations.
- Notify employees of news or policy changes.
- Provide meeting updates to colleagues.
- Offer personal congratulations.
- Personalize thank you messages.
System Requirements:
- Pentium II or higher
- 350 MHz or greater MMX processor
- 128 Mb RAM
- 220 Mb free disk space
- Windows 98, 2000 Me or XP
- High Color 16-bit (or higher) video card
- Sound Card,Speakers & Microphone
- PC Camera

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